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Afra Electronic Process Automation

Afra was created in 2006 with the goal of organizing the forms within an organization through gathering information from all resources in order to automate business processes.
Today, by adding new features to its latest versions, it has become a powerful software to implement business processes and database systems and for a digital transformation.

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  • Small company

    200$/ Cloud service

    • 24 GB Space
    • 16 GB Storage Memory
    • 5 Processor
    • 1 Report
    • 6 Days a week support
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  • Medium company

    350$/ Cloud service

    • 30 GB Space
    • 24 GB Storage Memory
    • 10 Processor
    • 3 Reports
    • 6 Days a week support
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  • Organization

    600$/ Cloud service

    • 50 GB Space
    • 32 GB Storage Memory
    • 30 to 35 Processor
    • 6 Reports
    • 6 Days a week support
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  • Manufacturer

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    • 100 GB Space
    • 64 GB Storage Memory
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • 6 Days a week support
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About Afra

Today, due to the negative impacts of paper waste in organizations and companies, we have decided to move towards a paperless environment by automating business processes. Users can complete the forms in several steps in case more than one person’s participation is needed in the workflow. Business Process Management System (BPMS) is an approach to design, execute and control business processes. It automatically creates forms or programs for each of the organization’s processes and puts them together.

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Some features of Afra Electronic Forms

  • Fully web based
  • Business, organizational, technical, performance reporting and ISO forms
  • Ability to link different forms in order to maintain information integrity
  • Ability to attach unlimited number of forms, files, documents to any form
  • Confidentiality and access levels
  • Define fields with all sort of data types (such as integer, decimal, signature, file, URL, report)
  • Forms automation through defined workflows in the workflow engine based on the BPMN standard
  • Make reports based on data items on forms by using Afra report making engine
  • Make reports based on information within processes by using the report making engine
  • Ability to re-assign forms
  • Use the Grid field in the form to create nested forms
  • Ability to associate fields of one form with other electronic forms of the organization

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Some of the options for users:

  • Manage incoming and outgoing forms in an integrated environment
  • Make reports based on information in the forms
  • Ability to view the form flow with dates and times
  • Ability to attach unlimited number of forms, files, documents to any form
  • Ability to send a copy of the form to anyone else
  • Search for forms by form number

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Form design

  • Design forms without the need for programming knowledge
  • Create forms’ workflow
  • Create formulas and evaluate expressions
  • Create rules and access policies
  • Create all types of lists
  • Use information fields in form design
  • Use the information of other forms in form design
  • Numbering forms
  • Design new reports using powerful design tools
  • Business automation reports
  • Receive management reports on personnel’s dashboard

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Form builder engine

  • Process forms design
  • Process workflow design
  • Report making
  • Report’s appearance design
  • SMS service
  • Create organizational unit tree structure
  • Create users as domain dependent/independent with their signature, personnel ID number and email
  • Roles assignment
  • Access control
  • Email dashboard
  • Email service
  • Fax service
  • User dashboard
  • SMS dashboard
  • Assigning substitute for users on every step of the process
  • Creating different domains that are used in the organization

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Afra forms

  • Personnel dashboard
  • Personnel information form
  • Insurance information form
  • Loan application form
  • Personnel’s contract
  • Entry/exit hours systems
  • Vacation days and hourly leave form
  • Overtime form
  • Training service
  • Need for training form
  • Training history of the personnel
  • Training room reservation

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Form design

Form design in a simple environment with the ability to design complex forms in a short time without the need for any specialization.


Daily operations of system users, including conducting, completing and reverting forms with the option to search, archive, keep copies and track personal forms.

Report making

Making user friendly reports based on information within forms.

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