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Benefits of Business Intelligence

Here we'd like to investigate the impact of business intelligence on real businesses and consider its application in them. By using business intelligence in the 21st century, we can clearly see the advantages of complex data analysis.

Unveiling New Business Insights

The second advantage of business intelligence is the ability to discover new insights in the market that will improve business processes and increase productivity. For instance, online food…


Improving the Decision-making

As mentioned earlier, business intelligence helps people make better decisions and more valuable decisions by improving their decision-making abilities. Founders or CEOs of companies face the challenge of…



Increasing Productivity

These days, consumers look at other consumers’ opinions and ratings before making their own decisions. To avoid falling in this ranking, an ideal business would provide the best services and support to its customers.


Increasing Sales

Every business has the goal of increasing sales, which sometimes requires a lot of expenditures. The use of BI’s Big Data Analysis System can increase sales dramatically.


The Flow ofInternal Processes

Businesses that have inefficient and discontinuous internal processes can use business intelligence to solve their problems. Because of incompatible systems, bad data collection, processing, and analysis,


Increasing Financial Productivity

Since the financial sector is responsible for monitoring the constant flow of money and capital to the company, it is imperative to consider this part when investing in business development.


Reducing IT Involvement

Using information technology may be challenging for some companies in their analytical processes. In this case, the reports are prepared late, and the employees, despite the skills of the company, may not have a sufficient…


Saving on Marketing Costs

Even a company that monitors its marketing campaigns everyday, weekly, and monthly with traditional methods suffers low conversion rates. Managers will not be able to solve this problem unless they have complete …


Increasing the Employees Performance

Managers prefer to increase the performance of employees rather than add more staff or work hours. increasing.workforce Human resources are one of the most crucial factors of any company.


Increasing Customer Loyalty

Retaining old customers is one of the primary goals of businesses. It costs up to six times more to attract new customers than to retain old ones. You can explore your strengths and weaknesses through business intelligence,


Connecting Departments

The challenge of coordinating corporate departments has caused a lot of companies to experience problems. For example, they are unable to adapt sales, marketing, and advertising data, which impacts the…


Production Boost

Business intelligence allows you to get an overview of production information, as managers manage a lot of data in the production process. Data and specialized skills are required in the production process…


The Importance of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence starts with managers who lack an understanding of how they operate and may make bad business decisions. We need business intelligence tools, in order to analyze and understand financial and business information about the company and make the proper decisions about the company. In the words of economists, business intelligence is important because if we feed the system with waste (misinformation), we will get garbage (wrong results).

In short, business intelligence evaluates the information that is currently available in a company to make business decisions based on the goals and values of the company’s managers in order to prevent losses and to develop the company. Companies should ensure that they have the following capabilities:

  • Data is used to create key performance indicators.
  • Setting and identifying criteria.
  • Analyzing market trends and solving business problems.
  • Increasing useful data about the business and better decisions as a result.
  • Large, medium, and small businesses can all benefit from business intelligence.

The Role of Business Intelligence in E-Commerce

Artificial intelligence is capable of evaluating useful data, which has attracted many businesses. Business intelligence can make a significant impact on and optimize e-commerce models, according to many economists and economist advisors. We believe that accurate and new data gathered through BI is a driving force for digital businesses to flourish. The information service providers utilize matrices and business intelligence for their decision-making. Included here are some of these details:

  • Advanced modeling of top businesses
  • Analyzing digital market products and comparing them to data related to company information
  • Financial reports on sales, marketing, advertising, revenue, and expenses
  • Financial profit and loss analysis and data presentation Influencing decision-making
  • General and partial statistics of customers and employees

In new businesses and in companies wishing to grow and improve, business intelligence is very important. Data that is provided by BI plays a critical role in the decision-making process, as we discussed. Research shows that making decisions based on business intelligence can increase profits by 79 percent over making intuitive decisions.

The Role of Computers and Software Systems in Business Intelligence

Due to the rapid growth of e-commerce and high-speed Internet, business intelligence has become more widespread. In some cases, this is not very good news for economic managers, and sometimes makes it more difficult to compete, as well as to analyze and analyze data. It is crucial that managers utilize the most effective people and systems to control their company at this stage. Otherwise, traditional methods and systems aren’t able to keep up with the influx of information. As a result, it is recommended that you hire professionals who use business intelligence (BI) to analyze your business. Depending on your business, these people can assist you by forming teams (like the Lenava team) and using software and analytical systems based on business intelligence.

Customer Retention Using a Business Intelligence-based system

Those who own businesses and sales systems, and especially those running e-businesses, should pay special attention to customer retention. This is essential, as attracting new customers has a higher cost than retaining existing ones. Business intelligence can provide reasons why customers and solutions are lost. Customers’ feedback, speed of service,, and prices are among the factors that are analyzed and used to improve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, business intelligence seems very important for digital businesses.

This is because business growth within these companies is of paramount importance, and companies expect to maintain their good returns at least.

Some of the Challenges for Managers Who Do Not Use Business Intelligence

It is possible for human error to occur in the reporting process.

It is expensive and time-consuming to analyze data.

There is a discrepancy between the results and the data.

There is no consistency in managers' and employers' reports.

For the moment, reports aren't available.

The chances of losing or going bankrupt are higher.

The solution clearly lies in the use of business intelligence systems. By launching Power BI, some executives think they can leverage business intelligence for their own benefit. Nevertheless, business intelligence is just one tool in the toolbox and it is not the whole solution. Additionally, it is difficult to use these strategies and implement them, and users are unable to handle them easily. As well, the process of personalizing according to the needs of the organization is technically difficult and has a long process that is too time-consuming for users. As a result, it is better to entrust the business intelligence implementation process to experts like the Lenava team, which can advise on its challenges and solutions.

We have stated that implementing business intelligence protocols is essential for most firms, big and small. The question is, what are the necessary steps for utilizing business intelligence? Execution and customization tend to be specialized matters and not everyone is capable of doing them. We can get these services from companies that offer software.
It is Lenava that can provide you with the best services out of these companies. According to the business intelligence software you need, the company develops processes and software according to your business’s needs and the latest market trends. Those interested in learning more about this case can contact our experts at Lenava.

Business intelligence is the transformation of raw data into meaningful information that is critical to the growth of businesses. The use of business intelligence in influencing tactical, strategic, and operational decisions relies heavily on the recorded data to make and analyze decisions.
Business intelligence entails analyzing data on e-commerce debates, which today are widely used and companies are trying to use them to ensure progress. BI tools can provide business users with reports and charts that present accurate information about their businesses. Consequently, management decisions can be based on access to information and business status.