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An organization will need either digital (digital) platforms or coaxial (analog) platforms to monitor and protect itself. One of the advantages of these systems is centralized access and the ability to review the system…



Organizations and companies need to prevent network penetration as one of their main challenges. In addition to being protected from intrusions and cyber attacks, UTM and Firewall will allow you to manage bandwidth and users for future decisions…


Anti Virus

An antivirus (Anti Virus) is software that cleans up and prevents viruses and malicious agents from entering the computer. The function of antivirus software is to browse files and detect and remove malware and viruses…


Electric Fence

Electrical fences create vortices and shock currents (without overcoming any threat to life) on walls and surrounding environments as a deterrent. Intruders and thieves are prevented from entering through the installation in this way…


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Data Loss Prevention



DLP, which stands for Data Loss Prevention, is an information security technology that prevents the dissemination of confidential information within an organization…

This process is done by constantly monitoring the information in use, checking network traffic, and finally reviewing the data storage space. The trend that has led to the growing growth of this technology is the protection of confidential information and the protection of the intellectual property of information.
The adoption of this technology is also attributed to its compliance with regulations like PCI, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and SB1382.

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● The leak of information unintentionally from within the network
● Data leakage deliberately from within the network by an employee unskilled

● Theft by a person’s vocational
● Identity theft by hackers from outside the network or advanced malware inside the network

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Different Segments of DLP

● DLP Management Console
● DLP Endpoint Agent

● DLP Network Gateway
● Data Discovery agent or Appliance

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DLP Tools

DLP tools can be compared to firewall applications. Firewalls determine if external data is allowed to leave the organization based on its “content” just as they examine output data…

It is vital that DLP tools integrate with your organization’s current security infrastructure since they act like network appliances behind firewalls.

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Classifying data

Classifying data is an essential element of DLP. A business will obviously not be able to prevent data leakage if it cannot identify its important and sensitive data…

An efficient system must be implemented along with the ability to develop it. A mistake in the classification of information can significantly reduce the system’s efficiency, according to security experts. There is a recommendation to classify information into three or four categories: public, internal only, confidential, etc.

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Key Benefits of DLP

● Preventing the loss of confidential information.
● Helping you comply with privacy and credit regulations…

● Enhancing your understanding of the risk of losing information and reducing it.
● Keeping information safe from accidental leaks.
● Preventing harmful insiders from stealing important information such as product designs and financial reports.

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GPO allows you to define a policy for users and computers. Is it possible to authenticate users connected via cable or wireless with any system?

Preventing intrusion into the network and security is one of the most important problems of organizations and companies. Using UTM and Firewall, you will be safe from intrusion and cyber attacks, and you will be able to manage bandwidth and users for future decisions.

A computer’s antivirus software is responsible for preventing viruses and malicious programs from infiltrating the system. Viruses and other malicious software are detected and removed by an antivirus program. Search engines are at the core of an antivirus.

CCTV systems are being used in industrial and office settings to provide better and more efficient monitoring of the physical facility as well as monitoring the work of employees or workers.

Bringing RMS Solutions

Windows Servers can use the DACL of a document to allow the users to open it or to forbid opening it. Despite this, there are only a few ways to access this document in order to discover the changes and its contents.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a method to prevent disseminating confidential information within an organization through information security technology.


Unified Threat Management

Organizations and companies face the challenge of preventing intrusion into their networks. In addition to protecting your network from intrusion and cyber attacks, UTM and Firewall will also let you manage bandwidth and users.